"King Karma is making ears twitch with piercing vocals and soaring guitar riffs."


"This is a world class release from a world class band."
"This album rocks. It's all good. Rock radio, are you listening? Hello? This is the band you've been looking for. Kick ass!"
"Make no mistake; this is one band that is going to carve their own niche with their own sound that will revolutionize rock music as we know it."
"King Karma rips at the soul of rock and roll with crunchy guitars, groove laced vocals and a diversity of great rock songs!"
"This release takes you back to a time when you actually needed talent to be considered a 'musician' and not simply an image."

"Their combination of hard rock and bluesy guitar riffs has not been captured this well on a debut album in a long while."

ROCK REVIEWS ~ Little Rock

"Every song stands out on the release. There's no filler material here! I can't stress enough how good King Karma's debut is."
"King Karma occupies that timeless twilight inhabited by the likes of Badlands, Bad Company, Zeppelin and more recently Audioslave."
"Stunning... King Karma has produced one of the albums of the year!"
"A must buy hard rock album!"



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Reviewer: Stephen Centanni
Listening to the sounds on their self-titled debut, it's no wonder why King Karma is quickly nearing superstar status. This release doesn't let up on the listener for one minute. From the first song "Breathe", King Karma perpetually pummels their fans with an old school metal sound that I'm glad still exists to this day. These guys are proving that rock stars still exist with a talented line-up of seasoned musicians with Shaun Williamson belting out heartfelt lyrics through rebellious vocal chords and Markus Wolfe working overtime with his impressive guitar stylings. Songs like "Mama's Pride" gets you on your feet with its fun, blues-infused sounds, which is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's later work. King Karma even includes the required rock ballad with the story of the "Revolution Man". King Karma really has the chance to show their ass (figuratively speaking) to the rest of the music world and come out smelling like roses.

KANGAR RADIO - South Africa

Reviewer: Andrew Allan

The self-titled disc by King Karma kicks to say the least. If you are looking for hard rock with a today's sound look no further than this group. They not only kick butt they have the genre down to a tee. There is no doubt that this group will be going places fast. I would think that this is a group that can carry itself alone in any venue large or small.
The music is sharp, fresh and new. If you like the sounds of Rainbow, GNR or AC/DC this group appeals to all from young high school rockers to people like myself who like to take a journey back in time when hard rock was simply hard rock!
(A must buy hard Rock Album!)

Reviewer: Jason Carter

With the resurgence of melodic hard rock, we are not only hearing new material from classic bands, but we are being introduced to some great new groups as well. King Karma is one of those great new groups.

Their combination of hard rock and bluesy guitar riffs have not been captured this well on a debut album in a long while. King Karma's self-titled CD starts with the rocker, "Breathe," the video for which can be downloaded from the band's official website. "Mama's Pride" is full of blues rock licks, and Shaun Williamson handles the vocals very well on the track (as he does on the entire disc). "I'm Listening" shows the softer side of the band (after all, what hard rock album would be complete without a ballad?)

Markus Wolfe's guitar playing at times reminds one of Slash, at other times Gary Rossington, and still other times hearkens back to Jimmy Page. Todd Ronning and Rick Fedyk round out the rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively, keeping the foundation for the band. For all fans of melodic hard rock in the vein of Bad Company, King Karma's self-titled debut is a must-have CD.



Reviewer: Chris Dugan


There's a nice buzz going on about King Karma, a blues-based hard rock outfit that may just bring about the resurgence of this genre of music. For starters, famed producer Jimmy Johnson and sound engineer Steve Melton (Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, and Greg Allman) jumped on board after hearing their demos. The results of the King Karma/Johnson/Melton collaboration has garnered King Karma praise from the internet press, and WITR, an upstate New York's radio station who placed the band's debut in the top ten best CD releases of the year. One of the band's tracks, "Into the Everlast," was also voted 'Track of the Day' (over 6,000 other hard rock artists) on Garageband.com. This is just the beginning for this young band.


King Karma has a sound that's similar to the underrated early 90s group Cry Of Love, and interestingly, Steve Melton was the engineer on Cry Of Love's two releases. Markus Wolfe (guitar), Todd Ronning (bass), and Rick Fedyk (drums), who all hail from Vancouver, B.C., hooked up with Tallahassee, Florida's Shaun Williamson after a long search for the perfect vocalist.' Shaun, who sounds a helluva lot like Charlie Huhn (Victory, Foghat, ex-Ted Nugent), emits power and emotion, and he's clearly the perfect musical compadre for the other three guys. Song wise, the band's bluesy style comes off honest and comfortable whether it's during the meaty opener "Breathe," the mid-paced creeper "Blue Monday," or the aforementioned pounder "Into the Everlast." And there's a mixture of ballads ("Twilight Child" and "Don't Take the World Out On Me") and rockers ("Shake My Bones" and "Midnight Sunshine") to keep all fans of blues based rock happy.


The Bottom Line: It's really nice to hear a real rock band, one with soul, emotion, and enough edge to give them credibility. King Karma will appeal to classic rock fans looking for something new, bluesy hard rock fans, and fans of quality musicianship. Highlights are guitarist Markus Wolfe's blues-based riffs and screaming leads, the tightness of the rhythm section, and the emotive vocals of Shaun Williamson. King Karma should be played on every classic rock radio station in America !



Reviewer: Robb Howell (Peace Machine)
Man - sorry to take up space, but I simply must chime in. I have this disc now, and I must say it is hands-down one of the best albums I own. Stellar production, great vocals, great riffs - what can I say? The US majors are simply missing a few bolts. What are they waiting for? The next cookie-cutter band? C'mon dudes - WAKE UP! This band SO rocks. I fear my appeal falls on deaf ears, and not due to loud music, so for what it's worth guys - the band is just kick ass. I love it. Best band I've heard in a long time, and I hope you take over the world. You've restored my faith in hard rock music. I would so love to have our respective bands share a bill. Oh man - that would be a night to remember. Regardless though, thanks for the amazing music! Best regards, Robb Howell

Reviewer: Marc Sarchet
Shaun Williamson (ex-Backbone Slide, ex-Sunnyland Blues Band) is back in a great new band King Karma. Williamson, for my money, is one of the great undiscovered singers in rock today. King Karma is a hard rock/blues based band that plays rock--roll the way it's supposed to be played with feel and energy. Markus Wolfe who plays guitar in the vain of the great Paul Kossoff (Free) is one of the "finds" of the year. Rounding out this great band is the awesome rhythm section of Todd Running on bass and Rick Fedyk on drums. If you love hard-blues rock ala Free or Led Zeppelin you will love these guys. Go out and get this 5-star release!

Reviewer: Dana Smith
Great vocals, great production, one of the better CDs I've heard in the last several years. Top quality songwriting, somewhat of a rarity these days. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Wayne Duffey
This is the best damn CD I've heard in a very long time. Like the other reviewers have said, very reminiscent of classic 70's bands like Bad Company, Humble Pie, early Whitesnake and Montrose. I am so sick of hearing rap metal, growling and whining on the radio. This CD rules! I liked it so much, I ordered a second copy and had it sent to my brother.

Reviewer: Al Mayer
This is an awesome first album. It's a '70s type album, meaning, you will enjoy listening to the whole thing, front to back. And it really rocks, with great musicianship, songwriting, and production. Speaking of production, this CD sounds like a million bucks! If you like Humble Pie, Bad Company, or any other riff driven, blues drippin', heavy rock music...BUY THIS CD!

Reviewer: Arthur Smith
Difficult to add to what's been said above, great CD, Mama's Pride is the kind of song we should be hearing from Whitesnake! Great music, great fun, will we ever see them live in the UK???

Reviewer: Ken Hindmarch
King Karma have kicked off with a truly awe inspiring debut album, all seasoned players of some magnitude, bluesy vocals to die for and some mean riffs thrown in to boot! From CD opener and my personal favourite 'Breathe' which is melodic rock at it's best to the heavy riffing 'Into the Everlast' King Karma have come up trumps! With the killer production team of Jimmy Johnson (Lynyrd Skynyrd) & Steve Melton at the helm the sounds ooze from every pore. A killer rendition of 'Revolution Man' (Riverdogs) and 'Twilight Child' show a slower moody side to the band with Shaun Williamsons vocals coming to the fore...'Mama's Pride' and 'Heaven's Burning' show the 70's hard rock influences and probably come as a result of the time Todd Ronning (bass) and Marcus Wolfe (guitars) spent playing with Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Co.). I would go as far to say as King Karma would be in my Top Ten CD's of 2003...Killer - Buy or Die!!!

Reviewer: Jeff Schickel
Outstanding CD from beginning to end. If you like guitar driven rock supported by excellent percussion you will most certainly enjoy King Karma's new CD. Call all your friends, turn it up LOUD and pass the word about this great band.

Reviewer: Steve (Two Guys Music RI)
If you like classic sounding 70's hard rock with gritty powerful soulful vocals...Bonham like drums and monster dirty bluesy riffs...look no further. If you like bands like Badlands, Tesla, Cry Of Love...this CD is for you. Oh yeah great powerful production too. One of the best Indies I've heard this year. Worth every penny. They must be a killer live band judging by this CD.